The Growth In Business For Parcel Couriers

Whilst many national mail carriers are seeing their mail volumes drop heavily year on year with the rising use of email as many direct mailers now switch to it as the preferred contact medium of choice, they have also seen a rapid increase in the amount of e-commerce parcels that they have shipped last year. Send Parcels to USA

Indeed whilst surface mail carriers have in many countries seen mail volumes drop by double percentage points in the past couple of years, during the same time they have seen the number of e-commerce parcels rise by up to 15% each year.

As one example of this Australia Post is predicting 15% parcel shipping growth year on year for the next five years, a statistic that any organization would be proud of, and one most would kill for when the World is in a recession! Whilst Australia Posts situation is helped by the fact that they have a monopoly on parcel post in the country, the fact remains that even if they did not have a monopoly the number of parcels being sent by e-commerce companies would be growing at exactly the same rate.

This explosive growth Worldwide in online sales and hence the number of parcels resulting from e-commerce has not been without its problems though, with may parcel companies being caught out particularly around the Christmas period in 2011, which famously saw Britain’s second largest parcel shipper Yodel coming under fire in the newspapers and on the Internet for allegedly failing to deliver up to 15,000 parcels a day in the run up to Christmas.

As a result of problems encountered across the industry by the larger than expected volumes of parcels, the majority of parcel couriers have learnt from this and as a result should be better prepared for this coming season.

The growth in e-commerce is further set to increase as it is only in its infancy in what is potentially the Worlds largest marketplace and that is China. It is also growing as people are gaining more confidence in ordering online and as people who are cash rich but time poor, are finding that ordering goods online is not only saving them a lot of time, but also that they can buy goods at far cheaper prices. The ability to save money is proving popular particularly in a recession.




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